Gemini New Moon – Again!

Gemini Symbol

I cannot remember a time when I have not been interested in Astrology. As a child, I pored through Astrology books (as well as books on numerology, palmistry and others) looking for ways to understand myself and others. It is a world of infinite complexity and insight, and my Gypsy self is endlessly fascinated by it.

In the last couple of years I have  had access to much more information on Astrology through Facebook, where there are fabulous Astrologers sharing information on planetary cycles and how they affect our planet and all of us living here.

Something I have been playing with this year is using the energy of the new and full moon to set intentions for the month.

New Moon :)
(Photo credit: joshveitchmichaelis)

Every month is ‘flavoured’ by the the energy of the new moon that begins it; so for example, May is influenced by a Taurus new moon which emphasises themes of security, wealth creation, beauty, food and the arts. June is influenced by the energy of the Gemini new moon, which emphasises themes of communication connection, technology and thought processes.

Something different is happening this month – today in fact. The new moon for July is not in Cancer as it normally would be, with its corresponding themes of Motherhood, nurturing, the home, community and self-protection. The July new moon is in Gemini again! How unusual!

So this month we get an opportunity to have a double dose of Gemini energy (with a delicate infusion of Cancerian energy) to use to create and set our intentions.

Today I will light two candles and two incense sticks (to honour the twin energies of Gemini) and spend some time setting my intentions for the coming month:

I intend to create this month, using the combined energies of Gemini and Cancer:

  • Clarity and ease in all my communications, particularly with loved ones
  • Good flow in my Communications and Media course, with an ability to manage my time, be motivated and create good work.
  • Opportunities for paid work for myself in the communication industry as a writer.
  • A new laptop, just for me so that I can study and write wherever and whenever want to. I would also like an ipad!
  • Clarity regarding my own personal direction and that of my family.
  • Joyful, light and happy connections with everyone that I meet.
  • For our financial situation to improve so that we can finish our house extension – we need more room!

And so it is!

What is your vision for the coming month?

I also wanted to share with you some of the wonderful Astrologers that inspire me daily:

Mystic Medusa


Big Sky Astrology


Cosmic Weather


  1. My mother was born on the cusp of Cancer and Gemini and was the person who instilled in me an interest in astrology. The new moon last week felt a bit like her energy, and we’re busy doing a lot of things together this summer, and frankly the whole year. I hadn’t realized the July new moon is in Cancer. Fascinating indeed. I was focused on the Venus transit in June and not paying as much attention to the moon. Thanks for the update. 🙂


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