Poetry Monday

‘Fiery Tree’ by Irish watercolour and mixed media artist Kate Bedell

This poem really struck me this morning. There is something very liberating about bundling up our worries, fears, rages and disappointments and hurling them like kindling into the mighty fire of the Divine (or whatever you want to call him/her/it).

I follow Tosha Silver on FaceBook and she is thoroughly inspirational. She says that this idea of the Law of Attraction and the constant wanting and grasping that we torture ourselves with is so much…ego talk.

Bring me what I want. I want, I deserve. I need. Bring it! (Oh, and I’m in a hurry…)

There is something so…immature (and exhausting) about being fixated on what we think we want all the time! It’s like being at home with my children. But worse, because we are adults, and you think we should have grown out of all that now.

Far better I think, to tune in to what is really going on in our lives, breathe, and feel where the energy is flowing. Then follow it, like floating down a river.

Watch for signs.

Take opportunities that feel good to you.

Do your personal work.

Mind your own business!

The Dalai Lama says that his religion is kindness and that kindness is always possible. So, be kind.

But Divine Order says “Use Me how you want. Make me a vessel. Make me Yours. Bring out everything in me that you know exists. And along the way I know absolutely everything I need will absolutely happen in the most Divine ways because the perfect solution to all perceived problems are already selected. I will be guided to all solutions easily by You.  And oh yes, everyone else will benefit as well. – Tosha Silver

Is it just me, or is there something singularly graceful and beautiful about this philosophy?


This offering of the deepest desires to the Divine
is the biggest gift

the one that actually Matters

beyond imagining
and the hardest Test of All.

But you needn’t deny them
as they arise.

They’re sacred after all,
divinely human,

yet you fling them
like dry kindling

into Her fire

so they dance
and crackle
and snap
in the

She does
what She will.

She knows
every need.

And You come
to love That.

And to Trust.

-Tosha Silver

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