Day 7.

Day 7 of 40 days of Yoga. A week of practicing yoga at home every day! That sounds like a milestone 🙂

Speaking of milestones, it was my Mother’s 55th birthday today. She wanted to see the new James Bond movie, eat yummy food and hang out with us, and that sounded like a plan to me.  In contrast to the vibe of the last few days, where I have wanted to achieve, organise and understand, today, I just wanted to Be. I did no work and was offline all day. I watched James Bond, ate popcorn and a movie choc top and liked it very much. We talked and ate and talked some more.

My mother told me today that her grandmother and mother both did yoga when she was little, and she did yoga with them like the Fairy Queen does with me. So that means, Mum said, that Alani is the 5th generation yoga child in our family. Some things just cannot be avoided…

Kara-Leah suggests that we nominate allies as one of the tools to support ourselves in our yoga practice – that is, people who will support and encourage our yoga practice. My mother is one of my allies, and in fact, she has been inspired back to yoga herself after not doing it for a while because of what I am doing. Needless to say, she is very proud – although I believe I could be a homeless beggar and she would still be proud :). She is just that kind of a mother.

After I brought the Fairy Queen back from preschool, she jumped into the pool with Grandma, and I headed up to Mum’s yoga room to do my practice for the day. It was the first time I had done yoga away from home (other than a class) for a very long time, although it was hardly challenging using  mum’s meditation and yoga space. It was interesting how different the energy felt to my own room. Mum runs meditation classes in that space, as well as doing her own personal practice in there and the energy of the room is dense and rich with use.

I didn’t feel like doing a set sequence in that space, I just wanted to let the practice flow and see where it would take me. At the end of each pose, another pose would pop into my head, and I followed where the thought lead me. The Fairy Queen described me today as a monkey swinging on my yoga mat :). Apt.

It was hot again today, and the night is stifling. While I am writing this, I have a problem boiling away under the surface, waiting to be resolved. It is a matter of commitment, duty and service, and I am not sure how to go about extricating myself from an increasingly demanding and stressful situation. To clear my mind, I go for a night swim in the pool, overlooked by a fat yellow moon.

What is your advice to me Mother Moon? I wondered.

“Follow your own advice, dear one. Follow where your passion leads you, not where obligation directs you.”

I see.

Art by Peter Engelhart
Weltenmutter by Peter Engelhart

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  1. Dear Sara,
    It’s so hard to imagine the heat!!! I walked in 23 degrees coldness this morning!!!
    I’m loving this series. LOVING it.
    Keep it up, and keep sharing. I’m soaking it all in.
    Love, Lis


    • Dear Lis, i cannot even imagine that kind of cold – and it’s not as cold as it’s going to get is it?
      I have never done anything like this before – make this kind of public commitment, and then blog my way through it as well – it feels very self-indulgent, but really necessary as well. I am thinking about putting an apology at the beginning of each post saying that I can still talk of other things, but for the next month I don’t have time to! Thank you for your support, it is much appreciated. Sara xxx


  2. Fantastic. There’s Yoga in your blood. Love it. Personally, I am really taking liberties with how to build yoga into every day. Today it will be reading a chapter from “Living Your Yoga – Finding the Spiritual in Everyday Life” by Judith Lasater. 😉 xo Rufina


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