Days 14 and 15 – a difficult woman.

The Bear tells me that I am a difficult woman. I tell him that all women of substance are :). The part of me that is not a wife, nor a mother, daughter, friend or sister – that part of myself that is just Me is very strong. It fights to have an equal share, and it fights hard. That is enough to classify me as a difficult woman sometimes, for sure.

I just wanted to say that, because to embark on something like 40 days of yoga, or 40 days of anything you love that is just for you, you will need to give that part of yourself, your Me, a microphone and some floor space. And, your Me will have to fight to be heard over the top of all the other Me’s clamoring for attention.

Most people don’t give their Me enough attention. They rely on others (spouse, family, friends, pets) to give them the attention they crave. The things is, it is completely unsustainable to rely on someone else to supply for you what you can do for yourself, just by allowing yourself the time to do the things which bring you joy. It is your responsibility to make for yourself a life that you enjoy. Why would you want to out-source that responsibility?

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.

OK. 40 days of yoga, two weeks in! The 14th day passed peacefully enough. I had the day at home alone, which is pretty special around here. I spent a good part of it immersed in media law, breaking in the afternoon for my yoga practice.

Today, the 15th day, I decided to change my routine (gasp!) and do my yoga practice in the early morning. I knew I had a busy day ahead of me (swimming lessons, lunch, the Fairy Queen’s preschool graduation), but I didn’t have to leave until 10 a.m. I am an early riser, always have been, always will be. I am a slow starter though (a kapha characteristic as I now know), and I tend to sit around, read, check my messages, check social media or write until the kids need to be fed at about 7.

The other reason I don’t do yoga in the morning is that I am stiff. I hurt, I can’t stretch as far and everything is more difficult. Still, I dragged myself to my yoga room by my ear, and started anyway. Yes, at first I was stiff and sore; but by the end of my practice I was fine. And the big benefits to doing it in the morning is that I get to start the day with that feeling that yoga gives me – aligned, grounded and calm; and I don’t have to worry about where yoga is going to fit during the day, because I have already done it!

My son asked me this afternoon whether I will be doing yoga in the morning again tomorrow. I said maybe, I wasn’t sure. He said I think you should do yoga in the morning again Mum. Why is that? I asked. Because no one needs you at that time and it’s not at the end of the day when people are cranky and want food, or someone to play cricket with.

I hear you, mate :).

I even managed to fit in a little chanting this morning – this is my favourite chant:

The Medicine Buddha chantTeyatha Om Bekandze. Just listening to it is said to have profound healing effects. Singing it is wonderful too :).

Blessings to you,



    • Thank you, I am having a wonderful time – having a regular, committed yoga practice for the first time ever, as well as blogging throughout it and connecting to wonderful people throughout the world – what’s not to love? Thank for popping in!


  1. Important point you’ve hit on here for sure… how much time and power to we give to our core self, that which doesn’t play a role other than expressing who we are? I wonder… loving reading these on-going posts!


    • yes, I wonder too – and I suspect it’s different for everybody. For me, it’s a daily balancing act, and sometimes I do it better than other days. that’s what yoga is about to me, a daily space to thoroughly indulge my core self – or my ME!


    • You are spot on, I loved it :). I felt a bit gratified, if that is the right word, to be on the same ‘page’ as Germaine Greer. My husband thinks she’s difficult too :). And of course the idea is not to go out of our way to be difficult – it’s just that to be ourselves, sometimes we have to not care too much about what other people think!


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