st r u gg ling artist

She had me at “So I decided I’m more than the answer to ‘whats for dinner?'” A beautiful piece of prose that I feel like I wrote myself, so exactly does it mirror my own sentiments.

A Holistic Journey

                     so i decided i am more than the answer to "what's for dinner?"          the unrelenting pile of dishes i am more than the name i changed at the altar,      and the ways i fail Husband i am more than the boy i nursed 'til i was spent and would give up my only breath for, more      than the worry over the      mishaps that visit children caught. i feel caught  between the rock of guilt   and   the hard place of time as i push push my way through this beautiful life i don't deserve for a chance to paint the helpless run of words en route to errands i pop in an audio - Pooh's tales, then settle back for the story that wants to tell in my head and catch it on paper when i park the car i…

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