Weekly Inspiration #44


If you can, follow my line of vision as it extends over the top of my computer screen and travels outwards. You can see what I see, but there is more: fat drops fall heavy off palm fronds, crashing into tiny boughs and blades on their journey to the ground. A bossy breeze pushes the branches and silvery leaves around and low rumbles of thunder vibrate across the heavens. There is a cyclone forming north of us, although this far south this kind of weather is not called a cyclone but an east coast low. Whatever, it’s sending some wild, wintry weather our way.

The good news? We have lit our first fire for the year. What a blessing, what a luxury a slow combustion fire is on a day like this. The bad news? Apparently in my desire to stock up the cupboards with food in preparation for a flood, I forgot to get toilet paper. Oops. Ahem. I have some more good news. Hang on a moment, pull your chair closer to me. Are you ready? Terrence, my second Dad, is home. Yes :). Now, I know that only last week they were forecasting months in hospital. Apparently T had different ideas. Once he decided to return to the world of the living, he quickly passed all of their tests and was assessed as ready to be released on Wednesday. When I spoke to him on Thursday he was sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee, waiting for breakfast and slyly badgering my mother for a second cup (he’s got no chance, by the way). Have I told you that my mother is an experienced Naturopath/Homeopath with well over 30 years of clinic experience? Along with his local doctor, he’s in good hands I think. Gratitude <3.

Despite the wild weather, this has already been a perfect day for an hour’s early morning yoga practice with a friend, a delicious breakfast of banana, ricotta and honey on sourdough toast with a good espresso coffee, a morning’s work of helping young children with their literacy and numeracy, an eye popping episode of Games of Thrones with my mate…and now writing my weekly blog for my online people. I call that a good day, my friends :).

We call the month of May the Festival of the Cow in our house, because in my wisdom as a hormone addled potential mother, I had both of my children 9 days apart in the first half of May, with my own birthday plunked in the middle as an overlooked adjunct. Yep, that’s right, three birthdays in 9 days. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: ((whispering)) I don’t like parties. It’s hard to know if I dislike hosting them or going to them more, but whatever, it makes no difference, because my kids love birthday parties. One  of my mottoes in life is: never let fear win. So, in that spirit I give parties for my children. My son, who will be 11 wants what he normally has – a sleepover party with his best mates where they binge on xbox, ipods and fart jokes. My daughter, who will be 7, wants a ‘free range playing party, Mum, where we all just run around.’ My tendency has been to micromanage children’s parties in an attempt to micromanage my fear. Now that I have gotten more comfortable with this aspect of motherhood I have become more relaxed, and the idea of a bunch of girls flinging themselves around my backyard is not quite so terrifying 🙂

How do you feel about parties (especially kid’s parties)? Do you have a motto?

Best Short Read

Think big, love small by Glennon Doyle Melton for Momastery.

Listen up people – I don’t have a religion and no religion has me. I have this thing about dogma and righteous people – and religions seem full up with both. Nevertheless, religions do have their share of wise people – Thich Nhat Hahn, Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha and the Dalai Lama come to mind :). Another of these wise, beautiful people is Glennon. In this article, she replies to a letter by a transgender teen trying to find their way in a hostile community:

Hey, J. G Here.

Holy texts are like shovels—some use them to dig up the earth and plant new seeds and some use them to bang people over the head. Most of us do both.

Let’s dig, J.

Check out this scripture. It’s from right there in the beginning- the beginning of the Bible about the beginning of time.

So God created mankind in His own image; in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.

J, did you catch that? It says that when God wanted to create people in God’s own image, God needed to create two genders to express God’s self fully. Could that mean that God’s image is both male and female, too? Both, J? Just like you? Maybe God is just like you, J.

– See the rest here.

My eyes kind of bugged when I read this, because this is a deep, wise truth – and if the average person is starting to grasp it, then humanity is in a better position than I thought. Read the rest, it’s worth it.

Best Astrology Words

On Thursday I had the oddest day. It felt like a bunch of things that I had thought were sorted, were in fact not. The Bear and I (temporarily) returned to an old way of communicating that was abrasive and impatient, some work plans turned out to be much more difficult than we had hoped and most disappointing of all, the English Major that I had enrolled in through Saylor Academy had been downgraded to what they call a legacy or community run course, meaning that no certificates would be issued, and that the Academy would not be maintaining the course online. It also happened to be the day that I looked over my goals for April and saw that the only goal I had achieved was to maintain a daily meditation practice as part of a 40 day commitment I had made (I am on day 33 as we speak). I was sitting there all brow furrowed and pouty, feeling bad about everything when I saw this:

Saturn is now retrograde in Sagittarius – he will cover old ground as he tacks back into transformative Scorpio in a few weeks time. When you find yourself face to face with reality-checks & blockages you thought you had dealt with I want you to hold on and take a deep breath. This review of structures is in harmony with the tides of life right now, so work with it, not against it. We revisit an area of our life of self development through the retrograde movement of a planet. Saturn is about structures, ordered systems, bone-level realities and the foundation of who we really are (not who we would like to be). Work constructively with this Saturn retrograde by taking the time to return to the foundations of your life, check and double check that the structure is as you wish before you do anymore building. If you want to build something significant taking time to check that everything is sitting as planned is never a waste of time – it can be frustrating but ultimately it will pay off. – Asha Maria, Astrologer

Ah. All of those things – speaking without thinking, education and lofty goals are Sagittarius themes, and Saturn was casting his eye over them. Do you really want this, even if it’s hard? he seemed to be asking. To tell the truth, I didn’t know, so I sat with it for another day. Do I want to study? How much? Do I want a loving relationship? How much? And also – are the only important goals the things that I write down at the beginning of the month, or could it be as a friend pointed out to me:

Sara, don’t be disappointed. Your unplanned achievements for the month were the amount of love and support and strength you gave your family during this difficult month. And your dad’s recovering and that’s a celebration worth having in itself. – Diane ❤

Is Saturn giving your choices the once over and finding them wanting?

Best Poetry

Welcome Home by Joel McKerrow

I love spoken word poetry – in fact, I kind of think that poetry is meant to be spoken, not read. There’s just something about listening to poetry that sends it straight to the heart, whereas if you read it, it sometimes gets lost in the maze of the mind and misses the heart altogether. Anyway, I have such a treat for you today, oh my. Watch this:

Best Music

Mama Kin. I had heard of West Australian singer/songwriter Mama Kin before – one of her songs featured on a blues and roots compilation I bought a couple of years ago, but for some reason I hadn’t gone and looked at what else she was doing. This week though, I came across this song from her new album Magician’s Daughter and was immediately head over heels in love:

Both Magician’s Daughter and her debut album Beat and Holler were put on high rotation straight away. So good <3.

Best Graphic


Well my dear friends, that’s it for me on this sodden, wild, flooded day. There is no point resisting what it is you know, so today I will just enjoy the warmth of the fire, the chatter of my children, the embrace of the Bear – all with a few movies and books thrown in I think! Enjoy your day wherever you are and whatever you’re doing <3.


Twitter – follow me on Twitter to see all of my other best reads that don’t quite make it on this blog, but are still awesome – I love a chat too, so come visit 🙂. Facebook – I have a Practical Mystic Facebook page, where I share inspirational and thought provoking ideas, quotes and art. I would love to see you there 🙂


  1. I guess it should be no surprise to me that you continue to reveal traits in yourself that I see in myself–‘chez cow’ is our realm. I really don’t like parties either, but I did try and make our daughter’s birthdays special and we had our share of parties until, surprise, surprise–she no longer wanted them! For her 21st we had a lovely grown up dinner at home. Atta girl!! Our May is busy too, with daughter’s birthday being a week after mine (she is Gemini) and Mother’s day, which although is very commercialised, we don’t go in for. I just love the day because I know I will hear from our daughter and she is the blossom I hoped she could be (see above graphic)!! We are not having the rain, but it is coooold here in Alice, 2 degrees the last two mornings. Brrr. Fantastic news about Terrence! Wonderful!! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • We do have lots in common don’t we? Yes, I didn’t include Mother’s Day in all that, but I should have, because sometimes my birthday falls on it. We don’t do anything commercial for it – the kids bring home some little crafts they make at school and make me breakfast. It’s nice.
      Sounds crisp in the Alice – keep warm! Have a good weekend Ardys ❤️

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  2. Reblogged this on The Rattling Bones and commented:
    a delightful read! Watch the videos too! something for everyone here. A fire would feel so good right now! it’s a very chilly day of Spring here in VA, USA


  3. Another wonderfully inspiring read. Kids’ parties: I am SO with you, sister! Last year when running a laser-tag party for twenty nine-year-old boys (just let that sink in for a second) I considered it a major achievement that I didn’t try to impale myself on a cupcake-stand halfway through just to get out of it. And yes, I’m a Cow too (I get the Mother’s Day/birthday special this year). So glad that Terrence is home, though with your powerful prayers and your amazing mum’s healing love, I’m not at all surprised. Much love to you all xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Twenty nine year old boys? You have to draw the line, sister 🙂
      Thank you so much for reading my friend and your lovely blessings as well – and for your understanding of my inner cow nature 🙂


  4. Yes the amazement of the Internet. It is a tool being used in amazing ways over here in the earth quake response. Oh yes, and I loved looking at your view with you. Can’t wait to see such beautiful Australian images myself

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  5. Again, I appreciate the astrology wisdom you include here since it just makes a lot of sense (not to mention explains a lot when certain things ar going on in my life). I haven’t felt or seen too many obstacles yet but I think my soul knows that likely more storms will come before the sun shines again. But that’s life, right? So glad to hear about your second Dad and hope you had a beautiful weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Lillian, I’m glad you appreciate the astrology – I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but astrology churns around in my head quite a lot, and sometimes it spills out in my blog 🙂 Enjoy your week xo


  6. I flipped through Weekly Inspiration #44 on Saturday, but courtesy of a busy weekend knowing I had to postpone the pleasure… here I am again on Monday!
    What a weekend of weather you had… most unusually I was frequently on Facebook over the weekend, keeping track of the weather updates (thanks for all the pics – wow!) and my youngest (half) sister, who gave birth on Saturday -my (half) brother’s 30th, to her first child, a daughter, the first grandchild in our branch of the family… The neighbours kept us weather updated as well but our house is high and dry so we don’t worry even with a super deluge. We wished we were there, like you, flooded in, with the fire going – bliss! Although it would have meant I didn’t get to meet my niece on Sunday… babies aren’t my thing but I’m quite besotted.
    I’m so pleased Terrence is home. I bet he is too. He was in good hands physically and energetically, it’s just the waiting for that wonderful recovery. I think because I’m so attached to my own Dad, who’s had a few health issues, I really feel it when it’s other people’s dads also.
    3 birthdays in a household in 9 days is full on, so that each feels like it’s been their own. We have a number greater family shared birthdays & close dates but nothing as close as that. I’m a bit of a birthday cow also. I like things the right way but little fuss. The G.O. likes no fuss at all, and neither of us are into parties. Small gatherings maybe… I’m pleased your children aren’t requesting OTT stuff and are happy with their own ideas. Good work J
    I like “I don’t have a religion and no religion has me”. I enjoyed the Think big, love small article. I was brought up Church of England and am comfortable in it as a shell from which I’ve emerged but feel I can never explain well enough that I Believe… but don’t subscribe to any doctrines or labels. God is many things and everything and God is simply one label amongst many and even my beliefs although right for me are among many equally valid.
    Good question “Do you really want this, even if it’s hard?” And… if you have to wait? if it’s not quite the way you thought it would be? if you get it? Reality checks, reviews, blockages, lessons, questions, doubts, waiting are grist for the mill… it all happens anyway and I try just to work with the material at hand and direct the energy for the best outcome I can. And as with my daily meditation which got off track during our breaks and last weeks busyness, I got back to it this morning. It’s a lesson I’ve been learning to balance acknowledging what’s been accomplished with what might be. And letting stuff go that may not be*… intriguing how answers present themselves – as I typed those words*, it occurred to me that it’s the answer to something I’ve had on my mind.
    It’s a good thought to be a like a flower, trusting in natural ability to bloom, bloom again… I’ll hold onto that.
    And, finally, I enjoyed the poetry, and music clips; exposure to other peoples discoveries and tastes are always interesting.

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    • Hi Dale :). Yes it sure was a wild weekend. We are very safe and dry where we are too, so no worries here – in fact we can’t even see any floodwaters unless we go for a walk or a drive, both of which we did :). Doing all the fb posting was quite spontaneous and unplanned – and very successful too, with over 100 new likes and requests from both ABC local and the local paper to use photos and information.
      It is clear now though and fine, everything is drying including the washing and it’s very peaceful.
      I am so glad you enjoyed all my bits and pieces this week, and that some if them may have even helped you. This pleases me more than I can say :).
      Enjoy your week!


      • What a great article! How do you see your Saturn in Pisces playing out in your life? In my chart, Saturn is in Cancer….


      • I laughed when I read the Saturn in Pisces detail… so me! The work I do, have done for a decade or so is systems based and healing, spirituality or esoteric pursuits have always interested me (not the arts so much) but ramped up, in hindsight, around the time of the last Saturn Return in Pisces (which I didn’t know about!) when I was 27-28 so I see it continuing… the next Saturn Return in Pisces is when I’m 57-58, and I’m looking forward to the possibilities 🙂
        All the descriptions of Saturn in each sign are fascinating. Cancer! It’s interesting to see the interpretations and apply them to our perceptions of ourselves and others.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. The power of words is best depicted through the lines in the graphic. It is always a fascinating thing to explore the world of astrology. You have done so beautifully.
    Love the poetry and the music.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Hi Sara, what great news about your Dad! Kids parties….. exhausting! I have for the past year had them outside our house in the YMCA which is less stressful! But yes I have to say I don’t enjoy them much. The kids love them though and I am getting slightly better as the years go on at not fretting about their safety or hurt feelings or (selfishly) if the party is going to be a “success”. Letting go of fears (real or imagined) is a daily process for me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me too 🙂 I also worry if the party will be successful, and often parent politics is a source of unease. But…I’m getting better! These days I just provide food and a place to play and don’t worry too much about the rest!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I’m happy for you that your Second Dad is home again. What a relief for all of us. I think three birthdays in nine days would be great fun. My birthday, my daughter’s, and her daughter’s fall within seven days, though I’m under a different sign. I’m curious, Sara: how do you read so much, write so much, work so much, and maintain a family too? You’re a genius of time management.


    • You are quite right David – it should be fun, and it it does get more fun every year…I guess I can feel a bit overwhelmed by it all, and that most of it seems to fall to me, as the Bear is a birthday grinch! But each year, as I grow better at managing my stress levels and also dropping the whole super mum thing and getting better at my boundaries, funnily enough, it becomes more enjoyable 🙂
      As for how I manage my time – well, thank you for saying that I am a time management genius 🙂 I am not that, but what I am particularly good at is having good boundaries (I only say yes to things that I want to do), and being very picky with my time. I am very mindful when it comes to how I spend my time – I ask myself if I am benefited in some way by an activity, and if I am not, I don’t do it. I also get up very early to write and study and do the other things that nourish me as a human being – often my day will start at 4am. Lastly, I am soooo lucky in that I have a separate studio a stones throw away from the house, which I mostly have to myself. My view is that how we spend our days is how we spend our lives, you know? And I don’t want to look back and think, wow, you wasted it.


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