Hymn to the Mother


I claim
the sun,
the moon
and the stars
as my kin.

I claim
the mountains
as my bones
and the rivers
as my blood.

I claim
the breeze
as my breath
and the rain
as my tears

I claim
my life
as my own
to fill with
and sorrow
as I choose.

I claim
the Goddess
as my Self…
we breathe
the same

– Sara Foley (2015)


  1. Sara, a lovely, wonderful, meaningful and inspiring poem. I particularly like the stanza beginning “I claim my life as my own…”The connection you feel to the sun, the moon, the breeze and all the natural things of our world remind me very much of the writings of our own Native American Indians which I’m sure you’re not aware of, but there it is. How pleasant for me to finish my day’s work and find your work waiting for me…

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    • And how pleasant it is for me to see you comment first thing 🙂
      Isn’t it funny how the writing that seems so simple and commonplace, seems to strike a chord with people. I was a bit worried about that stanza actually – I thought it might not quite fit, so it reassures me immensely to hear that it is your favourite.


  2. So beautiful, Sara. I am having “one of those days,” and this was a lovely piece to bring me back to center for a moment. Thank you.

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  3. Love it Sara…. Beautiful  xx  Marlene Joy Rutherford    0403 312237  “WHERE ARE YOU WITHOUT YOUR HEALTH”     

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  4. I read your poem earlier today, and it’s stayed with me. In re-reading and re-considering I continue to be affected by its simple, subtle power and resonance. In a week where meditation other than a brief blessing of the day has passed me by, it feels like a meditation in itself and I have printed it to pin on the board next to my office desk… where I need reminding most!. Thank you 🙂

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    • Well, imagining my poem next to your desk to inspire you makes me very happy! Interesting that it inspires your meditation practice, because half of the poem came to me fully formed during a meditation 🙂 The other one came while I was in the shower…and the other two came out of my head 🙂


  5. I’m always of fan of simple poetry like this- straight, to-the-point, and free of any unnecessary embellishment. Love it and somehow I feel like it’s very fitting for the semi-overcast day we’re having today. 🙂

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  6. OMG what beautiful beautiful poetry. You spoke the truth of spirit, heart, soul and relationship of all things important. Smiles of beauty Beach surroundings and the sighing breath of the waves song to you.

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