The Importance of the Spirit


Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the spirit open.
– B.K.S Iyengar

In a way, the very idea of separating ourselves into components (body, mind, heart) and analysing them seems reductionist and even a little ridiculous. Talking about spirit in this way seems even more so, in the way that we would find a fish rhapsodising about the ocean more than a little odd. This has been pointed out to me, and I get it, totally. On the other hand, what else is there for a fish to talk about? Looking at life through the lens of spirit brings everything together, joins the dots, brings in meaning. It is the bringing of meaning to life – everything is spiritual – that keeps me in-spirit (inspired). Because without a spiritual dimension, then what is the point?

Connecting with spirit brings us into contact with our eternal wisdom, divine guidance and our higher self. Connecting with spirit is connecting to our true self. In many ways, it is the ultimate goal as a human to be an open and clear conduit for spirit here on Earth. That being said, it is challenging to live inspired (in-spirit), when the Earth is full of people who are disconnected from themselves on every level, existing on automatic pilot. It is no coincidence that there is so much cultural interest in zombies, because that is what a person becomes when they are separated from their true selves. The zombies are already here, sleep-walking among us, caught in a groundhog day existence. No wonder we need to fall under a bus, get a terrible disease or lose everything to wake up – what do you do with a person who pretends to be blind, deaf and dumb? How do you get through?

This is the paradox of Earth – we are swimming in a sea of spirit, searching desperately for our spirituality.  We make up stories about it, we create rules and religions about it, we hate and kill people in the name of it, we destroy the very Earth we live on and all the time we completely miss the point. I am spirit. You are spirit. Everything is spirit. We need to stop looking, and start being what we already are.

A strong connection with spirit is not only possible but assured, if you have only the desire to do so. Your line to spirit has not been severed or interrupted. While you are still living, that connection is still alive. What can and does happen, however, is that it gets cloaked in feedback and static, confusing and distorting the messages. Your work is to purify your connection and reduce static and interference so that you can feel the connection and receive the love and guidance that is always pulsing down the line.

When your connection with spirit is open and clear, you are awake. You can spot the other people that are awake too – they shine like beacons. You move towards clarity, openness and joy – and at the same time you can no longer pretend that you do not see how you treat yourself, others and the planet. It is no longer acceptable for you to follow someone else’s path when your own path beckons you. The voice of your higher self speaks louder and clearer to you, and your intuition is something you trust with your very life. Once you taste the feeling of truly being alive in your own skin, with your open heart and your radiant spirit shining within, it’s impossible to go back!

Spirit work is the culmination of the effort that we put into loving and caring for all of the different parts of ourselves. An enhanced connection to spirit occurs naturally when we do our work, loving and accepting our body, disciplining our mind and opening our heart. As a natural consequence of this work, we step forwards into an in-spired life. It is for this reason that we must stay connected with all of the parts of ourselves, because the ultimate goal is to bring ourselves into wholeness, expressed through the vehicle of spirit. This is not airy fairy work. There is not something more important that we should be doing. There is not the work in the world and then our spiritual work. Everything is spiritual. Even the stuff you don’t like – especially the stuff you don’t like!

Below is a glimpse of my struggle, as a human, to keep a hold of spirit. My spirit is a bird, and it is easy for her to feel trapped, even when the bars are invisible. Especially when the bars are invisible.

Journal entry: 14th July.

I went for a walk to escape the caged confines of my life today. I walked along the familiar road as it wound slowly around and along the ridge, head down, hand in pockets. It was cold and still, with a wet blanket of cloud blocking out the afternoon sun. I decided to walk until I felt better, freer, until I liked myself and my life again. Hopefully I would be back before it was dark. Needing to go somewhere new, I headed up a path I had never been before, over a rusty gate and up a rough eucalypt-lined track. I was not on public land anymore, and that made me nervous out of habit, even though I know all my neighbours and none of them would mind me walking on their land. My only purpose was to go as far away from people as I could, somewhere I could feel my connection to spirit again. My dog was with me, bringing comfort and company. She wasn’t likely to ask me any questions, argue with me or insist on getting her own way. She would walk as far as I wanted to walk, keep pace with me, and be an extra set of ears and eyes too. The path split into two – one headed downwards, treed and curved, and the other upwards, towards a high ridge and open-topped gum trees. I climbed, my heart thudding in my ears, until I emerged at the top. I saw a grey wallaby watching us from the side of the path. Bodhi could smell her, but hadn’t yet seen her, so to distract her, I tossed my scarf over her eyes and tickled her ears, giving the wallaby a chance to bound away undisturbed. Up at the top there was a 270 degree view of the valley below. Finally I felt high enough and far away enough for the pull of humanity to lessen and the pull of spirit to strengthen. I sat for a while, looking and listening, until I came back to myself and the fear and loathing lessened.  Walking home, I felt strong and buoyant. Just before I reached our driveway, a thought came to me: all you need do is receive the things that come, follow the things that call, and stay still when there is nothing coming or calling. Easy right?

And so it goes: we do what we must, with what we have. We don’t give up, and we don’t let ourselves be pulled under. Sometimes we have to heave ourselves up by our bootlaces, and kick our own butts. A spiritual life is not necessarily a pretty one, but it is a true one.



  1. Sara, I loved your post.. And your walk.
    I agree our connection to Spirit, to our Higher-selves is always there even to those Zombies
    Who sleepwalk in their dazed existence of convenient boxes that they build around themselves.

    If I didn’t take myself off into our Earth Mother, I doubt I would be sane :-).
    We are in a confused world right now. No one really understanding what it is they seek. Some think to
    Surround themselves with gadgets, and continually get into debt that is so accessible today for the ‘Things’ to bridge the gap to what feels that is missing in their lives. Substituting possessions to fill that empty space that the ache inside of them seems to desire.

    It takes a while for the Mind to shake the Body up to the Spirit within. And for the message to compute that everything was already within. We just need to step out of our selves and go within to find it.
    Taking time out to connect with your Spirit in Nature is sometimes all it needs to bring back in alignment our balance Sara

    Thank you for sharing.
    We need to reconnect with our Higher selves more often. They have our very best interests at Heart. When we step into the flow, all things then follow with ease..

    Love and Blessings Sue ❤


    • Thank you Sue, for your beautiful comment. You’re right, it is a confusing time. It’s hard to know anything, hard to understand, hard to find clarity. I think that’s why I feel like I want to keep it really simple, by searching within. Searching outside for wisdom and fulfilment has gotten us into a mighty mess, just like you said. Nature saves me too ❤️

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      • Yes we only need look to nature Sara, to see how she always despite all of her problems, mostly what we put upon her. She bounces back.. She takes time out to rests and lays dormant for a time. So that she can then rejuvenate and sprout new growth when the time is right..
        Our Souls are connected to the ALL of Everything. So its only natural too as the world around us feels confused, we too are feeling not always our own confusion. But we can also feel that of the world as a whole. It took me a while in understanding that my own energy was greatly affected by events surrounding others.
        Which is why I try to avoid so much of the mayhem in the world right now, although some of the recent tragedies are hard to avoid.
        But my Garden is my refuge. And Like your wonderful companion, your dog upon your walk, he asks no questions, but listens intently to our voice.
        I can often be found talking out loud to my garden, and to Spirit in general 🙂 I come away perhaps with no wise answers being given. But instead I receive the contentment of heart which soothes the Mind as the Body is then exhausted and needs to rest as sleep them comes easier.
        Love to you dear Sara..
        I may not always catch all you post.. But I so love coming here for you echo so much of my own thinking
        Love Sue xxx

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      • Dear Sue, thank you, your visits are never expected and always appreciated.
        It has taken me a long time, too, to separate my own energy and feelings from that of the world around me. Indeed, I still get mixed up. Learning about the fallow periods in my life, learning to accept the times of stillness as part of the creative process, not inertia and failure, has been, and continues to be, huge. I’ll know that I’ve got it when I embrace those times with relief rather than frustration, but meanwhile, I have nature to remind me 😊

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      • I come and go within blog land and its always a delight to catch a post now you are back. And then I saw you had been busy since your return 🙂 And loved reading your posts.. Nature is my rescue remedy .. ❤

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  2. Sara, I love this post!

    The connection to spirit is hugely important to me. It’s my most important practice, or rather the reason I do all the other practices.

    Right now, I am coming off a week when I was incredibly connected (kids were out of town), and everything has been so clear. Almost easy. I guess you could say it flowed.

    The kids are back now, and I’ve got a big week of work coming up, but the strength and support my connection gives me keeps me going. It’s like the well you wrote of…this connection fills me. And when it runs dry, I know where to turn for a refill…kind of like your walk – except without the grey wallaby…and the 270 degree view of the valley below…and the dog. 😊

    Enjoy your week. I’m glad you reconnected to your strength and buoyancy.

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    • Yes, me too – all of it! The connection to spirit is why I do all the other things – it is the reason behind the reason. And children, bless their golden hearts, seem to provide a hell of a lot of of static and interference! I remember my mother said that it was acknowledged that the householder path was considered the most difficult of spiritual paths, because there is so much distraction. I was chafing from being stuck st home with the kids, both of them a bit off colour, when I wanted to be flying free…or at least by myself somewhere quiet 😊 thank goodness for walking, and nature, and dogs…


  3. I really think that those who are in touch with or at least aware of their spirit are able to live a much more satisfactory life and in turn, get satisfaction out of even the simple things. In today’s world, there’s just so many distractions and “externalism” going on, which I think is why we also have so many people who are unhappy. I love your last sentence here– “A spiritual life is not necessarily a pretty one, but it is a true one.” What a beautiful sentiment and I wholeheartedly agree with it. At the end of the day, I think all of us are just searching for some version of “the truth,” whatever that may mean to each of us.


  4. Did you write the inset paragraph, ‘this is the paradox of earth’? Brilliant. I think this may be your strongest post in this series, tho they have all been very good. I will come back and read this one again, and probably again after that. Such a good reminder. Thank you. Cyber hugs.

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    • Yes, I did – goodness knows where that came from. I am so glad you like this post; I am surprised by the amount of people who have responded to it, not just here, but on Facebook. I guess we need to talk about spirit more – after all, it binds us all together, and we need that right now ❤️

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  5. Thank you for taking us along on your journey of spiritual discovery. It’s so helpful to learn about what others have discovered. That last paragraph really contains some wise words.

    “In a way, the very idea of separating ourselves into components (body, mind, heart) and analysing them seems reductionist and even a little ridiculous.”

    The quote above makes me think of quantum physics. Sometimes things are both particles and waves. Some times we must look at things from both the perspective of the part and the whole.

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    • YES! Sometimes things are particles and sometimes things are waves! Thank you for putting my thoughts into words so well, Georgia 😊 So funny you mention quantum physics – I posted a meme on Facebook the other day that said:
      she was simple, like quantum physics.
      It made me laugh 😊

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  6. Spirit-full salutations! Loved every part of this blog – thankyou for sparking connections and descriptions to spirit. The starting quote struck a deep down chord – played music to my soul. And the steady beat of walking footsteps deep into true nature and away from distraction (as mirrored so lovely in your writings) is another deep resonance.

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  7. Hi Sara, something lead me to your blog late last night and kept me up way past the midnight hour! And this post touched something deep in me. In the midst of winter school holidays, almost 12 months after you wrote this, it was the reminder I needed to find my spirit within. Finding the quiet and stillness within. Finding the peace in my external world right now with noisy munchkins, well that’s a little more challenging, but when I can snatch those few moments of quiet and stillness on a frosty morning or sunny winter’s day, that’s when everything feels so clear and that connection with spirit is reignited. Thanks for being pure inspiration.


    • Dear Greta, how lovely to have you visit here! And, thank you for sending me back to this post, which I had completely forgotten (I forget everything I write – it bubbles up and then it’s gone). Some of it was quite profound lol 😜 And resonates again, mid-winter, when the cold is really starting to settle. I’m glad it bought some solace to your winter as well.


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