Welcome to Cafe Mystic

Happy New Year to my lovely fellow bloggers! In keeping with the new year’s vibe I want to let you know about something new I’m doing.

I had this idea a few months ago, a quiet little idea, that I would put together a newsletter. I would name it Cafe Mystic, and it would be a menu for conscious living, or at least, a different way of learning and understanding the world than through the chaos of social media. Slipping quietly into your inbox, this classy missive would give you a months worth of reading, podcasts, ideas, and gems of wisdom.

In fact, I did something very similar a few years back, where I wrote a weekly inspiration post every week for a year, and guys, it was so fun.
I loved putting it together, people loved to read it, and I felt the time was right to bring it back, but in a different format. Email seems to me more universal than blogging or social media. Everyone has an email address, yes?

What’s so good about email? Isn’t it old hat? True, email did look like it was going to die a quiet death. All that spam, the inbox overwhelm…but the providers managed to fix the problems with email, with compulsory unsubscribe, spam filters and awesome email organisation tools. And now, well, there’s a ton of research saying that email is where it is.

Think about it: we have complete control over our inbox. We decide who and what enters and under what conditions, and if they don’t live up to expectations, we can simply press the magical unsubscribe button, and poof! it’s gone.Your inbox can be a sacred space with you completely in charge. I will still create and link back to blog posts I write here – in fact, I’ll need to write more regularly than I have been, so my blog will be more active if anything.

My vision is this: you and me, coffee and tea, sharing insights and understanding, building compassion and presence, and supporting each other with love and cooperation. I get to write and share, which are my favourite things ever, and you get an interesting, thoughtful and loving monthly message in your inbox. Click on the link and read my first issue, and if you like it, subscribe. Easy!

Newsletter link: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/practicalmystic


    • Me too! Thank you so much for your support Dale, I’m incredibly grateful. I’ve been really surprised and humbled by the number of people who have already subscribed in the few days since I put it out on social media. Exciting!

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  1. Dear Sara, I am sitting at your lovely cafe, coffee in hand, in the cool of my house interior on a hot sunshine summers day. I loved your weekly inspiration posts and am so looking forward to monthly insights and sharing’s with you. “Email is were it’s at” = too true. I have always been a fan of email,limited in my subscribing and regular in my unsubscribing, I love the discerning aspect of the inbox. And I as a modern equivalent of the letter in the mail box, and the times I read and write with that in mind it adds to the connection and depth that the email can bring. As always, thanks for your podcast inspiration. These last few days I have been actively appreciating the last for a while of spacious listen to podcasts, tidy the house, potter on projects, kind of days before beginning work tomorow. Onbeing and Mary Oliver this morning, and the most recent Outthere podcast has a teary and beautiful sharing. River refreshing summer swim wishes to you, Kate.


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