Weekly Inspiration #47


It seems like every day this week has had its own unique climate. Today, it was partly cloudy with an unexpectedly cold wind that has me chilled to the bone. Yesterday it rained all day without drawing a breath. The day before it was a gorgeous warm day that extended into an evening that didn’t even require me to light the fire. Who knows what tomorrow will hold? The weather is not the only thing that has had its ups and downs this week, although I will claim more wins than losses – hopefully today being Friday, this is not too presumptuous :).

I have a couple of goal setting friends with whom I do a twice monthly check-in to see how the month’s goals are going. At the mid-month check in, I couldn’t even remember what goals I had set at the end of April for May, which is never a good sign – and when I did check, I discovered to my disappointment that I either hadn’t been able to achieve the goal (attend Grassroots Writers Gathering) or that I had set my goal too low and then not even achieved that (a goal of 1000 words a week on my book). I won’t even talk about the poorly formed goals that floated under the category if I can afford it/have time/have the inclination. I was just bouncing on the springboard of disappointment, ready to dive into the plunge pool of depression, when my friend said – don’t worry Sara, you’ve still got the rest of the month to achieve your goals! 

Huh. Well. So I sat down and re-did my goals. I decided that 1000 words was a pathetic goal, and that instead I wanted to write the first draft of a chapter a week (about 3000 words). I also decided that even though I had missed the Grassroots Writers, I was going to learn from my mistakes and plan my next writing event more thoroughly. So, I booked and paid for the events and workshop I wanted to attend at the Bellingen Writers Festival in a couple of weeks time, got the Bear on board, booked accomodation and even arranged childcare. Sorted. 

By Monday, with the Taurus new moon, I knew that I was back, baby :). By Thursday I had finished the draft of an entire chapter, just by working on it for 30 minutes each morning. I did my very first school newsletter (a new responsibility), a poem wrote itself and then managed to get by far the most likes I have ever received for a post – and in the middle of all of that, the Bear and I even liked each other. For a day. You can’t win them all, right?

There were lots of other little serendipities, too random to mention here, but they all contributed to that feeling of being in the flow. I love the flow. I think of being in the flow as gliding along in the slipstream. Everything is easy, smooth and effortless, especially compared to the inevitable times when you slip out of the slipstream and into turbulence. Buffeted and bruised, you know things aren’t going right, but damned if you know how to get back. After a while (hours, days, weeks or years depending upon your tolerance for misery), you have a good look at yourself, make some changes, tweak the settings…and bingo – you’re back. When I say have a good look at yourself, what I really mean is, nobody can push you out of the flow except you – and nobody else can you get you back there either.

So, how do you know you’re in the flow? And when you’re not, how do you get back?

Best Short Read

Danielle La Porte is an interesting woman. She is super ambitious in every part of her life, it seems – and sometimes ambition applied to spirituality is kind of disconcerting, or at least it is to me. Maybe if I was American I would resonate with it more :). Still, her book, The Desire Map, is on my to read list, and she introduced me to Paolo Nutini and Spotify, so it seems I owe her a debt of gratitude 🙂 Also, she has a blog which produces some absolute gems, and this post is one of them:

What to do after you have a breakthrough
(Your’re going to shrink after you expand, so, listen closely)
by Danielle La Porte.

Be prepared for some constriction.

This is really, really important:

Expect to fall back — and be incredibly compassionate when the inevitable slip happens. This is the pattern of really big change: Big expansion. Slight constriction. Return to expansion. Micro constriction. Back to expansion — full, fuller, fullest. Expanded.

You’re learning how to do the new you. You’re reacclimatizing to truth and joy and power. You’ll forget for a minute that you’re more powerful than you have ever been. And you’ll dip into an old pattern or habit. You’ll get all jangled and unnerved by the shit you “thought” you just surmounted. That’s cool. You’re on track. You’re re-confirming your expansion. You may be testing yourself. You may even be trying to sabotage yourself. It’s okay, Love. Because you can step back into your new, bigger size WAY more easily than before. Powering up is getting easier. Can you feel it?

To read the rest of this article (well worth it) click here.

Best Wisdom

This was on Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook page this week:


Ahhh…there is so much grace in this statement!

I think we get stuck sometimes in this crazy belief that — in order to achieve anything of value in life — we must become fearless.

I’m very much against that word: FEARLESS.

I don’t believe in it, and I certainly don’t strive for it.

The few genuinely “fearless” people I’ve ever met in my life were all totally freaking insane. And all of them felt extremely dangerous to be around. And most of them were sixteen-year-old boys, or three-year-old children. And if they weren’t toddlers or teenagers, they were full-on fanatics or sociopaths, with sometthing vital and human and warm missing from their eyes. (Although, to be fair, as a friend of mine with several children once pointed out to me: “Behavior-wise, it’s difficult to tell a toddler from a sociopath.”)


What I’m saying is this: I am riddled with fears.

I’ve always been a shaky person, ever since childhood. (It took my poor mother years to teach me how to swim, because for me, “swimming” meant “clinging to your mother’s neck and howling in mortal terror.”) The world makes me terribly anxious. (Or maybe I make IT anxious.) I grind my teeth at night so hard that I just cracked a perfectly good molar a few months ago: Even in sleep, I am not relieved of my fears!

There is no fear you could possibly imagine that I have not experienced — especially in regard to creativity.

Basically, my body is made out of 60% water, and 19% fear.

The only reason I have ever been able to create anything, is because the remainder of my body is made out of CURIOSITY.

That’s right: I’m composed of 60% water, 19% fear, and 21% curiosity.

Curiosity always wins by a nose!

Thus, creativity has a chance to thrive within me, despite my many terrors.

So that’s my prayer for you all — not that you will become fearless, but that you will always be SLIGHTLY more curious about the world than you are frightened of it.

Because the victory of curiosity is the fertile field where exploration, invention, transformation and creation will all begin to grow.


Best Poetry

You are oceanic

All she wanted
was to find a place to stretch her bones
A place to lengthen her smiles
and spread her hair
A place where her legs could walk
without cutting and bruising
A place unchained
She was born out of the ocean breath.
I reminded her;
“Stop pouring so much of yourself
into hearts that have no rooms for themselves
Do not thin yourself
Be vast
You do not bring the ocean to a river.

Tapiwa Mugabe

Best Word

So. This is a wordy post. I keep thinking that I should be putting in more pictures or music or videos – but no. Just more words  – or words on top of pictures…or words however they come. I blame the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Gemini, those talkative twins – and I’m as happy as anything, because this is a perfect time to write :). Anyway, I can’t say this word, but I love it completely <3.


Best Graphic


This is my idea of love <3.
Also…the Bear sent it to me.
He knows that it’s my idea of love.
And…sometimes it’s his idea of love too.
Although in his idea of love,
I’m naked 🙂
As a prayer to love today,
may we continue to love each other
even when our ideas of love
are different.
Because ideas about love
have nothing to do with Love.
Love is knowing the other is different,
yet knowing we are the same
and not minding one little bit
when the two don’t match.

There you go, my dear friends, all the lovely people who read my words and make me so happy with your likes and comments, which I just see as little rays of love shot my way. Of course, this weekly post is my ray of love to you – I hope it lands where you need it most


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  1. This post, greeting me early this morning, made me so happy it brought tears to my eyes, and I didn’t want it to end. Girl, you were in the flow when you wrote this!! I love the flow. There cannot possibly be a drug on this earth that can match ‘the flow’. I would fill all the reply space if I told you everything I loved about this post, so instead I will take no more space, but send you back a ray of love through the ethers. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Like Ardys your post just wowed me… you have such a way of tapping into the energy of not only your week but collectively. However, it was early and I couldn’t string two words together…
    I love the first picture… we ALL come here to be human. No one of us is better than the other, just different. We all have good days and bad days, not necessarily on the same days. One of the best things about being human is we get to be who we want to be, and reinvent ourselves. Any if anyone wants to judge me for not being-doing what they expect, that’s their problem… although sometimes I admit it does take me aback.
    The G.O. reckons I’m about 10% calmer than 25 years ago. Watching episode 9 Outlander when Jamie & Claire argue after he rescues her from Black Jack… the G.O. & I looked at each other and laughed… that’s us. The G.O. also commentates that Claire is too impulsive, outspoken… but as with the same traits in me her likes her anyway. And then there was this https://www.facebook.com/purpleclvr/photos/a.375609882543951.1073741828.369508529820753/741180962653506/?type=1&theater.
    But, I almost most love the words the Bear sent to you except the words you wrote to it I love most. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being real and genuine and doing your best, and doing it again and being kind.
    Weather everywhere seems to be somewhat mixed but we always remark that at TA we get it all!
    Fear is like that monster under the bed, we can let it rule us or we can pretend we’re bigger, braver, not scared, we can write stories about it or bring it out and dance with it, but we must acknowledge and understand it. one of my biggest, ongoing lessons.
    It must have been an in-the-flow week because I felt like I wasn’t but by simply putting one foot in front of the other, I was. Sometimes life is kind like that. And my expectations weren’t high, just practical, hopeful and grateful 🙂


    • I just clicked on the picture link – snort :D. I know exactly what scene you are talking about in Outlanders – it’s a memorable one both in the book and in the series :). I’m fiery, but not that fiery 🙂 Mostly, I tend to be very disciplined about what I say and I run it through all kinds of filters before I say it. On the good side – I rarely regret what I say. On the bad? I tend to have a fair bit of repressed rage lol :). I am learning to say how I feel at the time, although if I feel like I or my home have been treated with disrespect I am likely to blast your face off :O We all have our triggers! I’m really glad you enjoyed my post this week – that little bit of prose at the end was spontaneous. Sometimes I feel like I’m learning while I’m writing <3. Happy Sunday!


  3. The Flow, I love the flow, of rivers, of emotions, of wind currents, of effortless being. I used to have spectacular moments of being in the flow, and then bang, i wasnt any more, and i stayed that wayfor ages. And then back in the cycle again, and again.

    Nowadays, thank the goddess for the last 5 or so years, I feel the flow more fully, part of each day, it’s more a part of me, rather than this whirl wind that felt like it happened to me. I feel the flow when I am in nature, wellbeing physically, emotionally tuned in, open, heartfull, gentle to self and others. And if the flow just ain’t a happening I seem to better be able to weave myself back within it.

    Thanks for the sharing, and prompting the sharing.


    Sent from Samsung tablet


    • Thank goodness for maturity and a spiritual practice, right? I’m always incredulous at people who say they want to be in their 20s again. What??? Why? Now that I’m nearly 40 I know when I’m off course and how to get back on track…the off times get shorter the quicker i take responsibility for them, funnily enough. I hope you’re enjoying your Malaysia stop over – that must be a bit of a radical culture change :).


  4. I love the whole idea of what we are composed of and having 21% curiosity is what intrigues me. The bedrock of creativity and innovation lies in the depth of curiosity we possess. There is this inverse relationship that curiosity has with age, it depletes with our aging process. Fear is another very interesting facet of our life. It can used for a good cause and misused can create havoc in life. Balancing the force of fear is an art and it is a process of mastering the art of managing fear. Indeed there is lot of grace in the statement; being terrified takes away the freedom within and restrict us to do what we want to do and how we want it to be done…

    We all want space and beautifully put in the poetry; we want space for ourselves and space to stretch ourselves, broaden our smile and spread of hair…
    Every choice of word is well measured and there is a huge profoundness in the post.
    Have a lovely weekend.


    • Ah, I know the process of creativity interests you Nihar! You are right of course, curiosity does correspond to creativity. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but I have always been a very curious person, always asking questions – and it puzzles me how many people do NOT ask questions, either of themselves, the world or what they are absorbing through their senses. I remember as a child my father saying to me, always ask questions – don’t just take what is given to you at face value. look deeper. It made me a good student, and I guess it has made me a creative adult. I try to teach my children that as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Indeed I get little crazy when I hear the word creativity…and the words and the activities that ignites and inspires creativity includes curiosity that engineers a change in our creativity.

        Being curious is something very fundamental to our creative endeavor.
        The art of asking question is the bedrock of creativity and innovation, somehow as we grow we ability to ask question and ability to be curious reduces and in many cases it does so drastically. I have always seen great difference in our thinking with the art of asking questions. How do we keep the child within growing with age? A question I am asking to myself and trying to ask friends I keep meeting…

        Love this discussion…


      • I think cynicism kills curiosity. Cynicism to me is this kind of sharp edged depression where you think that nothing can surprise you. Artists cannot be cynical – they must believe in magic and wonder and notice all the beauty as well as the pain, for if we can’t do that, then we cannot create art. You know? So, I think maybe a cure could be to pay attention. You know, mindfulness. And you’re right, some people think to grow up is to stop asking questions, to rest in the knowledge that we have seen enough and know enough. There is always more to know!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Indeed cynicism is poison for creativity and art, it can kill the new idea germinating within us, it strangulates us from maneuvering with new perspectives.
        Artists have to be a strong believer of magic and miracles, if we cease to do that we cannot expand our horizon of imagination and creativity. Yes, the significance of mindfulness. The ability to ask question is such a vital angle in the engagement and our encounter of creativity and breaking the conventions and patterns which keeps limiting our curiosity to create wonders.

        Hope you are having a lovely week…


  5. Well I’m feeling the love all right. As you know, I’ve only recently gotten out of a funk myself and already, I was worried about slipping back into old routines and bad habits. So that post by Danielle La Porte is definitely one I’ll be bookmarking. As I said before, you always have the uncanny ability to share things that match my current circumstances so well. 🙂 The weather in California has also been pretty schizo lately but if we just be a little more flexible, I think we’ll find that our adaptability to different situations is stronger than we think. A rather garbled metaphor, but there you are. Hope your weekend is going great!


    • I’m feeling the love too – aren’t I lucky <3. I have the slightly narcissistic idea that there are likely to be people in the world that are enjoying/enduring similar themes in their lives as me – and that some of them may even come across my blog at some time ;). Not schizo at all – I think the weather is a marvellous metaphor (of course) and that we can practice our flexibility and adaptability on whatever comes our way. The weather can be our teacher as much as anything! My weekend has been pretty awesome so far – hope you're enjoying yours too, Lillian <3.

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  6. Your posts are always food for my soul. Even though I’m not as literary as you, I love being exposed to pieces that I might not read otherwise. I was the kid in high school who never made it through the classics we were supposed to read, but went and bought the Cliff Notes instead. I did make it through some of the shorter ones, though, like Night and All Quiet On The Western Front. I LOVE your opening graphic. I’ve met a pile of psychics and healers over the past several years, and they are all very human, and continually working on themselves. For me, being spiritual is a way of looking at the world, and having knowledge that lots of things can be healed that our medical community has no knowledge about. It’s been so cool learning about shifting perspective & energy, and actually doing it. About fear: I have lived with boatloads of it. As I’ve been using hypnotherapy to do healing work, I’ve noticed lately that as I start in on a session, the more nervous I am, the bigger the healing that happens. It’s like a part of me already knows that big things are going to change, and I’m scared witless. And I get through it anyway. I’ll be writing about a few big sessions, soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Susan – it makes me very happy that my posts feed your soul – and your mind!
      I was a bit uncertain about the graphic to tell the truth – it felt a bit like stating the obvious to me, and I thought it maybe it was a bit…patronising or snobbish or something. Of course we are all human, but I think that maybe some people think they are above all the shit of being human, you know? Or as the Bear would say, everybody’s poo stinks :). Anyway, I decided to put it in because I really love the last bit :).
      For me, being a spiritual person is being dedicated to my spiritual life and following the dictates of my soul. It isn’t about being part of a special club, although it sure feeds my soul to be around people who are awake and connected.
      Hope you’re enjoying your weekend and thanks so much for reading xo

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  7. So much to like and inspire here Sara as usual. I love the introduction, bringing realism to spirituality to begin with and then the description of your goals and how you brought that realism to your creativity. I always think curiosity is the best way to be enthusiastic about life so it’s great that you have so much of it 🙂

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